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This is the program on your computer that enables you to access the Internet. The most well known are Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape (NS). As of this writing, only IE offers good Hebrew language support, as a built-in component of its Office program and Windows operating system.
Sites such as Yahoo or the Open Directory that compile a subjective guide to Web sites according to category. Unlike "search engines", directories are compiled and ranked by humans.
Domain name
The means of locating an entity on the Internet. For example, the domain name for this site is
Internet Service Provider. The largest providers in Israel are Netvision and Internet Zahav. Internet users commonly have monthly subscriptions for Internet access.
Search engines
Sites such as Google or Altavista that use "robots" to scour the Internet. They then index the content of Web sites and enable visitors to find them via keywords. It is important to register your site, and to optimize its page titles and meta tags for the search engines and directories.
This is the computer that physically stores the files that comprise your site. Very large companies may have their own dedicated servers, which they administer themselves. More commonly, Web sites are hosted by ISPs.
Uniform Resource Locators. In simple terms this is your site's address, the name or numbers that appear in the address window of your browser. For example, the URL for the home page of this site is:

Do you want to learn more? Try what? -- a marvelous resource. (Clicking on the link will open the site in a new window.)