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The Website Design Planner

Filling out this Site Planner can go a long way towards streamlining the development of your Web site. Even if you do not complete it, every bit of information that you do include will be very helpful. Please print this page, fill in as much as possible (or prepare oral answers), and bring it to our initial consultation.

I. Background and Goals

Company or organization

A brief description of the company/organization:

Name and contact information for the person in your company who will be working on the project:


What is the basic goal for your Web site? (e.g., branding/identity reinforcement, information to the public, direct sales, corporate communication, etc.)

What outcome will make this project successful? How will you measure success?

What is your schedule?

What is the budget for this project? Is there an acceptable budget range, depending on the level and comprehensiveness of services provided? Please explain.

Describe any work that has been done toward designing/redesigning a new web site.

Will the web site reinforce an existing branding or marketing strategy? How? Do you already have a logo/business identity that you are satisfied with?

Set priorities:

(Choose the three elements that are most important for this project)

__ A web strategy that fits with our existing image

__ Repurposing existing content

__ Creating a community of dedicated visitors

__ Quality execution (graphics, writing, navigation, etc.)

__ Time schedule

__ Ease of maintenance

__ Doing better than our competition on the Web

__ Ensuring that our site is accessible to disabled viewers

__ Ensuring that our site is accessible to all browsers / platforms

__ Staying within the budget

II. Content


What types of visitors do you want to attract?


Where will content come from? Will it be new, repurposed, or both?

How often will you add new content?


What functional requirements do you believe to be necessary? (e.g., download areas, database-driven webpages, commerce, catalog, applications, etc.)

Have you arranged for hosting and maintenance of the site?

Has your domain name already been registered?

Are there databases already in place?

What is your long-term plan for the site?

If budget is a major issue, would you prefer to have the site constructed in phases?

III. Form

General Appearance

Indicate your general preferences in each set, keeping in mind what most suits the character of your company and your intended audience:

__ Elegant vs.   __ Fun
__ Traditional vs.   __ Highly modern
__ Restrained vs.   __ Very colorful

The Field Trip

This part of the profile is very important; fortunately, it is also fun. The more you put into it, the more your project will benefit. Find the three highest quality sites (more is better) on the Web that relate to your project in some of the following categories:

  • Appeal to same target group of customers
  • Colors, look-and-feel, user interface, layout
  • Size of site
  • Your competitors' sites
  • Quality of content
  • Quality of graphics
  • Functionality (things sites do for people)
  • Overall favorite sites (for whatever reasons)

1.) ______________________________________

2.) ______________________________________

3.) ______________________________________

After you've answered these questions, all that's left to do is gather together the material that will appear in the site:

  • text
  • photos
  • logo (if one already exists)

Once you're ready, please contact me for a free estimate.

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